5 types of marketing videos. Choosing the best format.

Brand video:
A brand film (or brand story) is different to a traditional corporate video. The focus is not based on stats or ‘calls to action’. It’s about how people connect to your brand. People connect to people and not numbers. They get involved based on how you make them feel. The aim of a “brand film” is to leave the viewer with an emotional attachment. Not a bunch of numbers and percentages.

Spie – Brand film

Company overview Video:
Company overview videos normally act as a brief history of the company followed by services/products offered. A high percentage of these videos are animated as they are able to convey specific points about the company. For companies that offer services/products that are not 100% clear to the general public (for example technology or medical based companies) this is a good option.

AppLearn – Company overview

Explainer Video / Product Demo Video:
Explaining a business idea, service or product in a clear and concise way. Explainer Videos should have a clear message of what the company offers. The focus is normally how and why their product or service is the solution to the problem facing their customers. A whole range of companies use explainer videos from the household big brandnames, to small startups. An excellent starting place if it’s a first step into video marketing.

Voly – Explainer video

PreRoll commercials:
Gone are the days of your TV commercial airing on just one or two channels. You can easily have your video appearing before related videos on YouTube and Vimeo as well as featured on facebook and twitter. Cross-screen planning software enables you to advertise across multiple platforms whilst measuring hits and click through rates. Traditional TV commercial break advertising is still a very powerful tool, however not the only option these days.

Simply Be – TV campaign

Live Events Video:
Event videos can be used pre event, during the event and post event. When done correctly event videos can act as the backbone of the promotional marketing campaign. If the event is themed the video can set the tone to the attendees. Once the event is over the video(s) can be repurposed into promotional material to be used online or at other events.

Talk Talk – Live event video


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