‘What The Eyes See and The Ears Hear, The Mind Believes’…why you need film at your live event.

As Houdini once said ‘What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes’. Whilst what we do is no illusion, this still applies to the power of visual content. This is a particularly effective tool in the live event arena when companies are trying to deliver their messages, motivate workforce or introduce new directives.

Whether its an internal conference for a small number of key employees or a large global meeting, the use of film for live events is without doubt integral to its success. At Boardwalk Studio we have been creating event content for many years now and have a deep understanding of how video and film can be so powerful in this sector. We get the insane deadlines. ‘This event is next week, can you help’.

We get the various resolutions needed. ‘So the screen is 6000 pixels by 1000, is that ok’? We understand the messaging. ‘We need to really wow our delegates and get them motivated’. It’s ok, we’ve been there before.

Lots of event and production companies out there recognise the importance of using film at their live event, and year on year the work we do for live events increases. For anyone left in doubt here are a few thoughts about film from Boardwalk Studio that might just sway you…

It’s visual… its how our brains operate, its how we are most likely to take in information and retain it. Film gets peoples attention and holds it, it engages audiences like no other media will. We retain information better when its presented in a visual format. And it’s just so easy…very little effort of your audience to become engaged.


Visuals cut through the NOISE. Our lives are full of information, companies trying to put messages in front of us. Phones and mobile devices taking our attention from what is going on around us.

Film and motion graphics can be the perfect way to make a complex message SIMPLE. Graphics and animation can explain a lot that words don’t, helping with the all important retention of your audience attention.

Film for live events doesn’t COST what you think it might..new technology means that budgets are now a lot lower than they once were…making the decision about whether to use film at your live event really very easy!!

Take a look at some of the work we have done for the events industry in our projects portfolio on this site.