Investing in Your First Film? A bit of food for thought before you brief your film production agency.

Always start at the beginning right? Well, no. Experience has taught us that’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s good to start at the end. We don’t mean starting with the endframe but starting with an understanding of how the video will be viewed by the end user.

These are the questions we need the answers to: What is the purpose of the video? What size does it need to be created at? How will it be shown? Will it be mute or have a banging soundtrack? Who are the target audience? These are all things we like to know at the very start of the project. We don’t want to spend weeks crafting something and giving it our undivided attention only to be told a day before the deadline that it all needs to be half the width or twice as long. When the creative juices are flowing in a briefing, it may sound boring, but finding out these crucial facts at the beginning of a project is priceless. It allows us to spend as much time as possible on doing what we do best, telling your story in a eye catching, creative way… not spending time resizing, reformatting and retiming work we’ve already done.

In short we like to know the specifics before we get creative. The end use should always be part of the initial brief along with any reference material that you might want it to look or sound like, scripts, timescales and dare we mention the B word…Budget! Once we have these things in place we can help develop scripts and storyboards, making sure there’s enough voiceover to fit the pictures and vice-versa.

AND, whilst we are thinking about it,…stay away from the all too common mistake of trying to say too much in a short space of time, keep the script and visuals balanced and avoid visual clutter.

Ok, ready? Shall we start at the end?

And if you’re still not sure where to start, get in touch…we’ve been doing this for years and years…let us help.