Film for Marketing…why it’s worth the spend.

There’s no question that we are living in a technologically evolving era. And from a marketing point of view there are an ever growing number of channels to market your products and reach consumers. It’s a challenge for marketeers to keep up to speed with these channels and stay one step ahead of the consumer.

However there’s no question that there’s one medium that spans these channels and can deliver your message to the consumer. And that medium is video. And video is a term we don’t like to use, we prefer terms like film, motion graphics and  branded content.

Here are our top 5 reasons why film, branded content and  moving image is an important consideration for your marketing campaign.

1. Engagement

Most consumers find watching film easier than reading, moving images are therefore more likely to grab your targets attention and keep it for longer. More complex messages can be explained in a more simple format. Low effort for the viewer makes for higher engagement. Research shows that brand recall is higher for products and services that use video in their marketing.

2. Positioning

A business may have great products and a talented management team but it’s success is simply down to how convincing as many customers as possible to buy their products or services rather than a competitors.

We bang on about this all time and really believe in it. When you are communicating with your consumers you are communicating your brand, your image and what you stand for are speaking directly to those people that buy your product. So this has to be done well, look professional and deliver consistent messages.

3. Reach

Film provides a massive opportunity to reach audiences. With 55% of people watching film online everyday and 78% of people watch videos online every week. Also worth knowing that film can help with search engine optimisation. Google loves it…if you are hosting film on your site you are more likely to find yourself on page 1 of Google.

4. Versatility

Spend on good quality film for one media platform can be stretched by using the same content in other media platforms. For example simple amendments to a TV ad can make a internet ready piece that could go viral. Those already using video for marketing are very vocal about the value for money.

5. Sales

And last but not least, whether you are selling trainers, events, or dog biscuits…reach, engagement and versatility = SALES! Video for marketing generates new leads and increases your conversion rate. New technology has made good quality video production more affordable and therefore accessible. It doesn’t need to cost as much as you think, or take as long as you might think