Bruntwood Sci-Tech is the UK’s foremost provider of dedicated property space to the science and technology sector. In 2021 they set about a journey to communicate their life sciences vision to the world. 

Initially working with A Studio Called Jane and The Draft Writers, Bruntwood SciTech developed a visual identity that tells their story through language and visuals. 

The next phase was to bring this to life through animation and Boardwalk were selected as creative partners to produce an animation that gets people excited about the new visual identity and helps Bruntwood sell their national life sciences offering. 

We worked closely with A Studio Called Jane to produce the eye-catching animation, which uses stylish illustrations, colours and type. The animation needed to feel clean and modern but clearly communicate the Bruntwood history, vision and philosophy. The animation was also created entirely using the new visual identity, ensuring it is future proofed for the foreseeable future. 

The final film was created initially in 16×9 and then a reworked version followed in 9×16 for use on social media.